Accessibility and Inclusion

Access to the Diamond

The Diamond is a modern and accessible building, with step-free access to each floor.

The conference will take place on the Basement level of the Diamond. This can be accessed by stairs at either end of the basement level, or by a lift located at one end.

A complete guide to the accessibility of the Diamond is available here from AccessAble. This includes descriptions and photos of entrances and lecture theatres.

Fire Evacuation

There is a fire alarm test every Wednesday at 11:50. The alarm will sound for a maximum of 30 seconds and you do not need to evacuate.

In the event of a real alarm, please follow the exit signage to leave the building. Assemble in St George's churchyard, which is adjacent to the Diamond.

When the alarm is evacuated, there is a loud, alternating beeping tone with a voice message instructing you to evacuate. The alarm is visually indicated by flashing lighting.

If you are unable to evacuate using stairs from the basement level, there are emergency refuge points located by the staff-only lifts in each corner. Click here to see guidance produced by the University for further instructions.

Toilet Facilities

There are large Male and Female toilets at one end of the basement level. There is an accessible toilet at each end of the basement level. There is a Gender Neutral toilet on the ground level by the west (Jessop Plaza) entrance.

Prayer Facilities

Prayer rooms and Wudu facilities are available in the building. Please speak to the event organisers for further information.

Quiet Room

There will be a quiet room available to use throughout the conference. Since this room is an unused lecture theatre, it will have a reduced level of noise and a reduced light level.

On the main conference days (24th-26th), it will be Lecture Theatre 2.
On the workshop day (27th), it will be Lecture Theatre 1.

Asking for Assistance

Please contact if you would like to discuss any access requirements or accommodations.

If you require any assistance whilst in The Diamond, there is a 24/7 staffed reception desk at the Leavygreave Road entrance. This desk can be contacted by phone at +44 114 222 9134.