Things to Do

While you're in Sheffield for EAMT 2024, take some time to explore the rich cultural and recreational offerings that this vibrant city has to offer. From historic landmarks to contemporary art, Sheffield has something for everyone. Here are some recommendations for things to do during your visit.

For more ideas, check out the Welcome to Sheffield website.

Outdoor Exploration

The Peak District National Park
Just a short distance from the city centre, the Peak District offers breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities. Consider a hike, bike ride, or simply enjoy the scenic beauty of this national park. Several bus services leave from the city centre. Alternatively, the Hope Valley line runs regularly from Sheffield train station. If driving, there are various car parks located throughout.
Although the weather is usually mild in the summer, please be mindful of the risks of hiking. Check the Peak District Authority website for more information.

Botanical Gardens
Escape to the tranquility of Sheffield's Botanical Gardens. Stroll through themed gardens, admire the Victorian glasshouse, and unwind in this picturesque oasis. There is a cafe in in the north of the gardens serving hot drinks and snacks.

Sheffield Winter Garden
Located in the heart of the city, the Winter Garden is a stunning indoor space with a variety of plant life. It's a perfect spot for a leisurely walk or to simply relax. 

Historical and Cultural Sites

Millenium Gallery
Immerse yourself in Sheffield's cultural scene at the Millennium Gallery. Explore contemporary art exhibitions, local history, and special collections, all housed in a stunning venue. Free entry.

Graves Gallery
Art enthusiasts will appreciate Graves Gallery, home to an impressive collection of European masterpieces and contemporary works. Admission is free, making it a perfect cultural stop.

Sheffield Cathedral
Explore the historic Sheffield Cathedral, a stunning piece of architecture with a rich history. Take a guided tour to learn about the cathedral's significance.

Kelham Island Museum
Located in a former power station, the Kelham Island Museum houses exhibitions on Sheffield's rich industrial history. Make sure to visit at the right time to catch the River Don Engine running, the world's largest operating steam engine. Also includes a cafe which serves light meals and a gift shop including local Sheffield gifts. 

Chatsworth House
A historic stately home in the Peak District, home to a huge collection of art and sculpture. Easily reachable by bus. The grounds can be explored for free, but tickets must be purchased to enter the house.

Shopping and Entertainment

Sheffield's main inner-city shopping areas are The Moor and Fargate, a short walk from the university. For independent shops, try Divison St, Ecclesall Road, and Moor Market.

Meadowhall Shopping Centre
Indulge in retail therapy at Meadowhall, one of the largest shopping centers in the UK. Explore a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. Easily reachable by tram.

Sheffield Theatres
Catch a performance at Sheffield's world-famous theatres, The Crucible and The Lyceum, known for their diverse productions, including plays, musicals, and more. Check the schedule for any performances during your stay.

Showroom Cinema
An independent cinema showing new and older films, live-streamed theatre, and special collections.

Relaxation and Wellness

Weston Park/Crookes Valley Park/The Ponderosa
Three linked parks just minutes away from The Diamond, perfect for a quick break.

Peace Gardens
Unwind at the Peace Gardens, a central hub surrounded by fountains and greenery. It's an ideal spot for a peaceful break or a leisurely picnic.

Endcliffe Park
A lovely local spot with walking paths, woods, and a river – perfect for a quiet walk. Conveniently situated, the park also serves as a gateway to the nearby Peak District, offering an accessible starting point for those seeking outdoor adventures.